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HOA Community Plans

Get the best of both worlds. The HOA takes care of all your exterior needs, let us take care of all of your interior needs,

Dry Plants

Home Maintenance

Doctor Visits for your Home!


Avoid costly repairs

Avoid costly repairs due to maintenance that has been deferred and keep people safe.

Preserve and increase property value.

Protect your largest investment by staying ahead of property maintenance and keeping your home in its best shape, and your family's future intact.

Skilled Tradesmen and Technicians on Demand

Our in-house tradesmen keep an eye on your house and anticipate its needs. We make it easy with hourly rates for our maintenance services.

HOA Plans Anchor

Choose the best plan for you

HOA Basic plan performed 1x a year
  • Change furnace filter

  • Clean dryer exhaust pipe (This is between dryer and wall only. This does not include in wall ventilation to the exterior of the home.)

  • Clean microwave filter

  • Test garbage disposal

  • Test smoke and CO detectors

  • Clean dishwasher filter

  • Test GCFI’s 

  • Water Softener refilled

  • Replace Drinking water filters

  • Check for loss of heat from interior and exterior.

  • Lubricate garage door

  • Clean bathroom exhaust fan.

  • Clean refrigerator coils

  • Test Sump Pump

  • Inspect weather stripping around exterior doors

  • Lubricate exterior & interior door hinges

  • Replace light bulbs as needed.

  • Inspect all interior pipes, faucets, and fixtures for drips or damage.

  • Visual inspection of easily accessible attic space.

  • Drain sediment from water heater or clean filter in tankless heater.

$40.00 call out and assessment

$90.00 per hour labor

5% off all remodeling and specialty work.

Extra Perks

The HOA Ultimate Maintenance Plan includes everything in the Basic Maintenance plan, but it is provided 2x per year.


Extra Perks

$40.00 call-out and assessment
$90.00 per hour labor
10% off all remodeling and specialty work
1 free call-out per year


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Home Maintenance Subscription Plans



Every month

Valid until canceled


Every month

Valid until canceled




HOA Ultimate

HOA Basic

1x a year

2x a year

Interior Maintenance
Interior Maintenance
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